This week in MathOnco 168

Artistoo, personalized immunotherapy, single-cell, collective migration, and (finally) MathOnco conferences

“This week in Mathematical Oncology” — Newsletter
July 1, 2021

From the editor:

By popular demand, today we will begin posting conferences or workshops relevant to math oncology in this newsletter. To help us keep current, we urge you to contact us (or tweet us!) to add links. We also want to direct you to as a community resource to sign up for the newsletter, view the complete list of resources, and for information about the Society for Math Biology subgroup.

- Jeffrey West

  1. Artistoo, a library to build, share, and explore simulations of cells and tissues in the web browser
    Inge Wortel, Johannes Textor

  2. In silico investigations of intratumoral heterogeneous interstitial fluid pressure
    Jahn Otto Waldeland, Jon-Vidar Gaustad, Einar K. Rofstad, Steinar Evje

  3. A whole-body circulatory neutrophil model with application to predicting clinical neutropenia from in vitro studies
    Wenbo Chen, Britton Boras, Tae Sung, Wenyue Hu, Mary E. Spilker, David Z. D’Argenio

  4. The role of single-cell sequencing in studying tumour evolution
    Maximilian Mossner, Ann-Marie C Baker, Trevor A Graham

  5. Personalized Immunotherapy Treatment Strategies for a Dynamical System of Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia
    Paul A. Valle, Luis N. Coria, Corina Plata

  6. Beyond the single average tumor: Understanding IO combinations using a clinical QSP model that incorporates heterogeneity in patient response
    Rukmini Kumar, Kannan Thiagarajan, Lakshmanan Jagannathan, Liming Liu, Kapil Mayawala, Dinesh de Alwis, Brian Topp

  7. Characterizing Errors in Pharmacokinetic Parameters from Analyzing Quantitative Abbreviated DCE-MRI Data in Breast Cancer
    Kalina P. Slavkova, Julie C. DiCarlo, Anum S. Kazerouni, John Virostko, Anna G. Sorace, Debra Patt, Boone Goodgame, Thomas E. Yankeelov

  8. Collective Cell Migration in a Fibrous Environment: A Hybrid Multiscale Modelling Approach
    Szabolcs Suveges, Ibrahim Chamseddine, Katarzyna A. Rejniak, Raluca Eftimie, Dumitru Trucu

  1. Coordination games in cancer
    Péter Bayer, Robert A. Gatenby, Patricia H. McDonald, Derek R. Duckett, Kateřina Staňková, Joel S. Brown

  2. Precancer: Mutant clones in normal epithelium outcompete and eliminate esophageal micro-tumors
    B. Colom, A. Herms, M.W.J. Hall, S.C. Dentro, C. King, R.K. Sood, M.P. Alcolea, G. Piedrafita, D. Fernandez-Antoran, S.H. Ong, J.C. Fowler, K.T. Mahbubani, K. Saeb-Parsy, M. Gerstung, B.A. Hall, P.H. Jones

  3. Graph-based machine learning reveals rules of spatiotemporal cell interactions in tissues
    Takaki Yamamoto, Katie Cockburn, Valentina Greco, Kyogo Kawaguchi

The newsletter now has a dedicated homepage (, which allows us to post cover artwork for each issue. We encourage submissions that coincide with the release of a recent paper from your group. Today’s submission was contributed by Inge Wortel & Johannes Textor and was produced using their recently published Artistoo modelling framework:

Caption: Artistoo allows users to build simulations of cells and tissues that can be shared in the web browser. This example shows a cellular Potts model of T cells (red) infiltrating a growing tumor (light gray) in an epithelial layer (black). See here for the example code underlying this simulation, and here for details on the migration model. For illustration purposes, the tumor grows at an accelerated rate; real tumor growth would be much slower than T-cell motion. To get started with Artistoo modeling yourself, you can find docs and tutorials on the Artistoo webpage.

Created by Inge Wortel & Johannes Textor

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